Saturday, February 6, 2016

TRS Sweeps GHMC Polls!

The ruling party in Telangana – Telangana Rashtra Samithi pulled off a spectacular victory in the prestigious Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) Elections – 2016. It won 99 seats out of 150, paving way for nominating the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of their choice and for smooth administration of GHMC for the next five years.  Never before, a party could get such a majority. It was always a fractured verdict in Hyderabad giving rise to many administrative problems. GHMC-2016 Election results are as detailed in above poster.  
In 2009, TRS did not participate in the Municipal Elections. In 2009, Indian National Congress won 52 seats; AIMIM won 43 seats, TDP 45 and BJP 5 and the rest 5. INC and MIM together took charge of GHMC and have done considerably good work, with a Mayor from each of these parties serving equal periods. In the present Elections AIMIM has won 44 seats and BJP 4 seats, but Congress and TDP have failed miserably. Congress has won just 2 seats and TDP just 1 seat. This is a very humiliating defeat for Congress and TDP because based on previous elections, each of these parties was expecting to win more than 50 seats and with post-poll affiliations take control of GHMC.

2016 - Election results have surprised everyone. With TRS in total control of GHMC, I hope they will be able to perform extremely well with no hindrance and fulfil all the assurances they have listed in their manifesto.

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