Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sequel to my previous blog post – Telangana Dhamaka!

In my previous blog post - "Telangana Dhamaka! A Telangana Mela on 31st January 2016", I presented details of this event and mentioned that my son and his friends are attending this Mela and Food Festival. I also informed that after my son returns from this grand Telangana Mela; I shall write more about it.
On 31st January at 06:30 AM, my eldest son, Srikanth with three of his friends, Anil Kumar, Venu Gopal and Ravi Kumar left Hyderabad on a long journey of about 300 Kms. to Pendpally near Nirmal Town in Adilabad District, to partake in this event. After a daylong wonderful time, full of fun and excellent Telangana food they returned home by 08:00 PM.
They have partied a lot in the past but this is a very unique party, in a faraway village, in a farmland with long forgotten games and the most popular foods of Telangana. It is an unforgettable experience for them. Listening to their experience was a pleasure to us; children’s enjoyment brings about great happiness to us. We are very happy for them. May their friendship last forever and may they be happy always. GOD bless them.
This is how they enjoyed…I will let the photographs do this:  

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