Monday, February 8, 2016

Chinese Year of the Monkey, forecasts a great year for me!

Today is Chinese New Year Day, the year of the Monkey has begun! I have a few Chinese followers of my blog, I wish them all ‘A Very Happy New Year’.
I do not entirely believe in Zodiac Sign / Horoscope predictions, so since several years I have stopped seeing predictions in Magazines and Newspapers. In my younger days, I did follow weekly predictions and also referred to my Dragon personality Chinese predictions.  Nowadays occasionally, when I happen to somehow come across good predictions, I feel very happy.
That happened today on the occasion of Chinese New Year, not accidentally but with some curiosity, I checked up Chinese New Year predictions for me; that is – Dragon person and found them very favourable.  Here are some charts that have made me happy and there are some to introduce you to Chinese years of animals and find out your predictions. Hope your predictions are also very good and you would be happy to see them:

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