Friday, January 22, 2016

The affect of these two hospitals on me…

No one likes hospitals and hence wish that they will never have to go there.
No one wants to be ill or get involved in accidents. The suffering one may undergo due to ill-health or accidents or the environment and suffering one sees in a hospital is the cause for this fear of hospitals. One would speak well of a hospital only when he walks out of it well cured. And despite many such instances of good results the fear of ill health and hospitals is always there.
I go through momentary fears of this very often as we reside between two major hospitals in Secunderabad. One is just 350 metres from our house, a multi-speciality hospital with a good reputation for Orthopaedic and Heart ailment treatments. And the other one is 750 metres away, a much bigger multi-speciality hospital with a Medical College attached. I have to pass in front of these hospitals almost on daily basis. I see horde of people at these hospitals, patients being shifted on wheelchairs and stretchers from ambulances and cars and sad relatives accompanying or visiting them. Seeing so much suffering from outside the hospital itself sets a bad mood. The duration of this discomforting mood depends on the seriousness of the scenario at the hospital.
I wish I and everyone is always healthy and never have to go to a hospital. But then that is not realistic, hospital is where we get cured and be healthy again; only in very few cases the results are not good. Keeping aside the fear of hospitals I will now tell you how each of these hospitals have been helpful to us, once late in the evening and three times in the middle of the night. It is the proximity of the hospitals that prompted us to go there immediately in emergencies.
One late evening when my eldest son was all alone in the house, he took out a large Morde Chocolate slab from the fridge to make some concoction. And as he was trying to cut some pieces from it, the knife slipped and made a deep cut in the web between his thumb and index finger causing heavy bleeding.  He called my nephew / his cousin and told him about the mishap. Fearing he would faint because of heavy bleeding, my nephew advised him to keep the entrance door to our house open and tightly bandage the wound. Once we reached home we found him conscious and bleeding, with blood everywhere on the floor and in the bowl into which he was cutting the chocolate. We immediately rushed him to one of these hospitals at 9:00 PM, where the wound was sutured and injections / medicines administered. His pain subsided and he was discharged under two hours.
The second instance is when my youngest son woke us up in the middle of the night because of restlessness and heavy discomfort. It was high temperature and severe headache. We rushed him to the Emergency section of the same hospital at about 2:00 AM. He was given an injection to control his temperature. The temperature came down within a short time, his headache also vanished. The headache was due to low blood pressure, caused by high temperature. After some time of observation he was discharged by 4:00 AM that is within two hours.
The next two experiences are with the hospital much closer to our house. My mother when she was 92 years old accidentally hit her head to a tap in the bathroom at about 4:00 AM. She woke us up with a towel on her head with blood all over her head, face and towel. We rushed her to the hospital within minutes. Immediate attention was given; it was a long and deep cut on her scalp. The wound was sutured with least pain to her and we returned home by 5:30 AM. Next it was my wife at this hospital, again in the night at 2:45 AM, due to five vomitings between 10:00 PM and 2:30 AM. Two injections for treatment of gastroenteritis and acidity were administered, there was no more vomiting and after observation she was discharged by 4:45 AM. She is quite well since then.
In spite of such excellent treatment by these two hospitals, I still fear situations of going there and feel bad about the suffering of patients.  

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