Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Joining the ‘Campaign against Honking’ through my blog.

On and off there are campaigns in Hyderabad against the nuisance of unnecessary honking. Due to such campaigns there is very little relief, you will still find honking at its worst, really deafening when there are traffic jams.  There are still some idiots who in the middle of the night enter residential areas and honk incessantly to catch the attention of some person in some building, they want to meet or pickup.  The illiterate and inconsiderate Taxi drivers do it all the time. Even the so called well trained drivers of the State Road Transport buses do it all the time behind you, only to overtake you and stop before you at the next bus stop or at  the next Red signal. I pity those who live along busy roads and along narrow roads and lanes where the noise pollution is heavy and almost continuous throughout the day. This photo blog post of mine is to spread awareness against honking among such inconsiderate and habitual honkers, in case they reach my blog. And my request to other readers is that whenever they come across acquaintances who have an itch or urge to press the Horn unnecessarily; or for very slight reasons, to advise them not do so. You will be doing a great service to the people bearing noise pollution by preventing them from lifelong ailments and suffering.
Doctors say that high levels of noise are very harmful. Prolonged exposure to loud noise from close quarters may lead to Tinnitus, a disorder where a person hears abnormal sound even in the absence of any sound. There are chances of a person becoming deaf if exposed to prolonged noise levels of over 100 decibels. The loud noise of horns at close quarters leads to rise in blood pressure and psychological disorders. And in persons with history of heart and anxiety ailments it could have a serious affect on the heart.
In civilized society honking is rare and only in emergencies, please see that everyone follows this culture.

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