Thursday, October 29, 2015

Smoking and Alcohol are injurious to health, but how about TV addiction?

Several times every day people watch on TV; the warning that Smoking and Alcohol are injurious to health but unfortunately nothing is displayed about TV addiction. It is only at times that Magazines and Newspapers report on the ill effects of Television addiction.
Here are some research findings with statistics to warn every one about the dangers of TV addiction:
Watching TV indicates an overall period of inactivity. So, the more we watch TV, the more is the risk of dying early. People aged between 50 and above might be the most vulnerable ones.
3 to 4 hours of TV a day increases risk of death by 15%
7 hours of TV a day increases risk of death by 47%
Research also tells us that due to sitting in front of the TV for long hours one may suffer from Obesity, Influenza, Pneumonia, Parkinson’s disease, Liver disease, Cancer, Heart disease and Diabetes.
Despite the warning regarding ill effects of Smoking and Alcohol, TV viewing is said to prompt and encourage regular Smoking and Alcohol consumption, while enjoying some TV programs.  
Apart from all these health hazards is the danger of children and elders being influenced by the dirty Soap operas of India (in every language); which are all about scheming, deception, hatred, cruelty, violence, disrespect to women and elders, disrespect to our culture and traditions and everything bad, with very little good intermittently and at long intervals.
So we all must be cautious of too much TV.

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