Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Saddhula Bathukamma Panduga - 2015.

Today is the festival of Saddhula Bathukamma. We have been celebrating this festival with great devotion and enthusiasm since generations. Attached photographs are of today’s festival. And towards the end of this article you will find a number of links that would lead you to exclusive information about the festival, how to arrange Bathukamma and about our celebrations over the years, especially since the birth of our children with over hundred photographs and few videos.
We are glad that over the last few years Separate Telangana Movement and Telangana Jagruthi Organization have revived the importance of the festival and made it much more popular. Bathukamma Panduga is now being celebrated very grandly as never before, all over Telangana State, thanks to Telangana Jagruthi and Telangana State Government. Cities, towns and small places are spruced up and decorated with Bathukammas and cultural programmes are being held to celebrate this most important local festival. We are feeling very happy when we see all these festivities spread over nine days in our city and elsewhere on TV. Really enjoying this atmosphere of separate Statehood!


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