Friday, October 16, 2015

Dengue and Swine flu resurface in our City.

Periodically and at short intervals either Dengue or Swine flu is striking our Twin Cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. And this time both these dangerous afflictions have arrived together bringing suffering and sorrow to some and fear to everyone. Just two days back at an Engagement Ceremony, I met a relative who mentioned that his two year old grandson is diagnosed with Dengue and on further inquiry I was told that he is undergoing best treatment.  The younger ones are easily affected as they have a weak immune system. Such news from close relatives and friends further raises our anxiety and fears.
At such times, Hygiene and Mosquitoes have to be attended to in general. Our whole house, the windows and ventilators have mosquito nets and yet we find few mosquitoes here and there inside the house which would have entered as we open and shut main-doors and from the water drains. These tiny insects appear like monsters and we have to wage war against them with all sorts of repellents, sprays, electrically charged racquets and with our hands when they are close to us or land on us.
This blog post is all about taking care of ourselves from these contagious diseases. Be very cautious at times like this. I came across the two posters below on Do’s and Don’ts in case of Dengue and Swine flu epidemics. Please do follow them:

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