Monday, September 21, 2015

Surprise Birthday Party of my Sister – 2015.

My sister, Hemalatha’s 60th Birthday was four days ago on 17th September. This year her Birthday coincided with Vinyaka Chavithi Festival, so a Birthday Party they were planning for all of us could not be hosted on that day. Some of us met her on that day and conveyed our Birthday wishes and other well-wishers through various other communication means.
As my sister and brother-in-law where planning to host a party in the next few days and they were yet to decide on the date and venue, my nephew, Sridhar took over the responsibility and deliberately hinted to them of a celebration with few family members on Sunday – 20th September (that is yesterday) at some Resort. But secretly, unknown to them he invited us and the entire extended family for a grand day-long surprise party yesterday at Dream Valley Water Park Resort, Chilkur, Hyderabad. We all arrived at the venue much before the arrival of my sister’s family and went about exploring the resort. My nephew told his parents that there is a last minute change in the venue and brought them to Dream Valley Resort. As they entered the Resort premises we all assembled inside the Wood-house provided for us and surprised my sister the moment she opened the door to the hall, with our large presence and Birthday Wishes.
After the greetings and welcome drinks we enjoyed the water games of the Resort. And after a sumptuous lunch we played a number of party games with several prizes, which everyone liked. After a full day of entertainment we left the venue late in the evening after snacks and tea.

In the video at the top of this article you can witness the element of surprise! And the fun we had! However the party-games we played indoors are not recorded as all the cameramen and camerawomen you see in this video were busy playing and enjoying!

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