Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Our Granddaughter Ch. Sudhiksha’s Tenth Birthday Party.


Yesterday was our granddaughter, Ch. Sudhiksha’s Birthday. It is her tenth birthday. We celebrated it at Saarangi Banquet Hall close to our house, by inviting all her friends and cousins. Our daughter-in-law, Dr. Lavanya made all the arrangements for the party and organized it very well. She conducted a number of games for the children, gave away great many gifts and entertained them very well.
The attached photographs and Especially the Video reflect the mood and success of the party. The names of the children who brought about a great atmosphere and entertainment to the party are Samiksha, Harshita, Kashish, Shriya, Stuti, Riddhi, Akhila, Chehak, Jayanthika, Shreeya, Saanvi, Srija, Samarth, Krishiv, Hriman, Vineet, Srikaran, Darshan, Akhil, Vikyath and Krish.
All children and elders overwhelmingly enjoyed the party.

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