Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Memorable Pictures with Rhythmic Posts on Facebook – Part XIV

Far away from our homes,
At a home to million trees,
This huge tree stood out for centuries,
At a junction near Woodlands!
Providing shade and being admired!
By countless people who passed by it.
Sadly tragedy struck this perfect beauty!
Today it lives in our photos and memory.
 A Refreshing Vision…
Of our Lane!
Our dearest destination,
Home to our heavenly haven!
In my memory Frozen!
As at Dawn,
At Noon,
And at Sundown!
From childhood we are told,
Roadside food is not good.
But this rule gets broken,
When you are on a highway,
And you are hungry,
And impressive eateries seem far away.
Any Roadside Dhaba or eatery,
Would end your mealtime worry.
The ambience may not be grand,
But the freshly prepared food is good!
No, at times very delicious!
No harm has ever befallen us!
Sudhiksha baby,
Enjoying walking!
At a lovely nursery,
As we stand by admiring!
A catnap,
To freshen up!
For Akhil’s Party!
At Ramky.
Today’s news of “Two Ministers Booted”,
Brought forth the reality of misdeeds so deep-rooted.
Next it might be the turn of few Telangana Ministers,
Who will be booted out perhaps after Court Orders?
Surprisingly this event brought forth memories of Boot House!
A monument of Mumbai and children’s dream house!

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