Friday, August 28, 2015

Memorable Pictures with Rhythmic Posts on Facebook – Part XII

It is a lovely Christmas day!
And the family has assembled in awe!
To relish a home-baked Cake,
With a ‘Raisin and Cashew Cap'!
Made with extraordinary additives!
That is Love and Best Wishes!
Come on dance and celebrate!
Welcome aloud Telangana State!
The struggle of decades has succeeded,
The failed fateful merger has ended!
Our future is going to be right and bright!
The feeling is nice and great!
Those who made it possible must be thanked!
Of us; the future generations will be proud,
Come on dance and celebrate!
While on a pilgrimage,
Shopping is a significant heritage.
By the side of all major Temples,
Are a number of Curio-Stalls!
Shopping here enthralls!
As much as in Posh Malls!
Sudhiksha: When, when, when!
Can I have the egg?
When will the hen give the egg?
When will you boil it?
When can I have it!
I can’t wait any longer!
Naani: Surprise! Surprise!!
This from you a poor eater?!
Or evening,
We miss him,
All the time.
All we can now desire,
Is to see him over Skype!
And hope that he comes to us,
At short intervals and for longer stays!

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