Thursday, August 20, 2015

Memorable Pictures with Rhythmic Posts on Facebook – Part X

Enjoying Nature and Wilderness!
The mountains,
The valleys,
The caves,
Lovely blue sky for cover,
Colourful earth under,
Shrubs and trees everywhere,
Here and there a waterfall,
And a lovely pond,
And vast land all around!
Alone here, I would be frightened,
And of course depressed,
But with my family by my side,
It is a heavenly feeling!
 These Motorcycles are gorgeous!
Anyone would love to own them!
But their prices are outrageous,
As of now I may gaze, plan and dream!
Or should I simply call them sour grapes!
Because these powerful monsters,
In Indian hands and highways,
Have caused many disasters.
Children love “Playing Shop”!
They pickup,
Whatever they can reach,
Or demand,
What their imagination desires,
To play Shop!
This pastime,
Was popular in the past,
With siblings and friends around,
Not many TV Channels,
And no 24-Hour cartoon shows.
Here you can see,
Srikanth and Srinath,
Playing shop with friends,
Sushma and Suchitra,
An Audio Cassettes Shop!
And A Cold Drinks Shop!
This is the famous Blue Diamond!
Of which we are the Drivers,
And the Guards,
And also the Passengers,
Wish this Train is Ours!
- SriSri Brothers.
Who doesn’t like a Horse?
A ride on a Horse?
Or in a Horse-drawn Cart!
But what does a Horse want?
A not so heavy rider,
And a kind and lean driver!
Like our Srikanth!
And everyone’s care and warmth.
Oh My God!
You are so bold,
And adventurous!
But it is so dangerous?
Is it a ride for fun?
Or a rescue mission?
You are in high spirits!
But I am in jitters.
Don’t ever repeat it,

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