Sunday, August 16, 2015

Memorable Pictures with Rhythmic Posts on Facebook – Part IX

On a breezy morning,
Amidst plants and flowers,
As the Sun was rising,
The feeling was joyous!
Happily as we strolled,
Pictures were clicked,
And this dreamlike imprint,
At our house stands out,
Because in it,
Elation, scene and breeze are caught!
Here is something lovely,
That can’t be bought instantly,
A shade tree for our family!
With such a large canopy!
It is ‘Madhavi Lata Creeper’,
Shining in finest green colour,
With bunches of white flowers!
Which emanate fragrance 24-hours!
A pleasant rainy evening,
Calls for special snacking!
Indian, Continental or Chinese,
Anything would please!
The spicier and hotter,
Are always preferred,
What better than,
The Mirchi Bajji etc…South Indian!
Hyderabad weather,
And the peace on roads,
During this season’s dawns,
Offers great pleasure!
Can you guess this place?
A place you wouldn’t forget,
If you have once visited it,
Where and what is this place?
The answer is easy for some,
And difficult for many,
Hope you are from those some,
And this would recall pleasant memories many!
Shame on your authority,
That stinks of timidity.
None of you have guts,
To face the truth and us!
Our obvious deprivation,
Leads to our desperation,
And all means of struggle,
That will go on until your downfall.
We are defeating you,
In every possible way,
Yet shameless you continue,
To survive in a miserable way.
Finally, the voice of the people!
History tells us is the voice of God!
Soon we will be victorious!
And free of you; so notorious.


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