Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This reminds me of my School days! And it may rekindle your School memories!!

It is forty-six years since I finished School. Yet some memories of my School days and the then functions spring back into mind from time to time, especially when I am at a School seeing so many students, listening to their chatter, listening to speeches of teachers and guests, the School prayers, the sound of School band and watching cultural programs…Until some years ago these emotional experiences were at the School of my two sons, Srikanth and Srinath – St. Patrick's High School, and today it was at my granddaughter, Sudhiksha’s School – Gitanjali Devashray. Today’s event was Investiture Ceremony, Foundation Day and Proficiency Awards Presentation Day at Gitanjali Devashray School where my granddaughter was awarded All-round Proficiency Memento Shield for her outstanding performance during last academic year in her IV Class. I made a short video of this occasion for all of us and Sudhiksha to remember this happy event. This video also reminds me of my School days and I am sure it would rekindle your pleasant School memories too! I hope you will enjoy watching it!

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