Tuesday, June 2, 2015

This is how we celebrated Telangana State Formation Day.

Today is the first anniversary of Telangana State Formation. We took a holiday today and celebrated this special day mostly by enjoying popular local cuisine and watching TV programs on Telangana State Formation Day Celebrations. Last night we went round to see the colorful illumination along the roads and of important buildings in few parts of the city. At midnight we watched on TV the beautiful fireworks organized at a number of places and the revelry.
Today morning we had a special and very typical breakfast of Hyderabad…Paya ki Nihari/Nahari (Lamb trotters’ broth) with Char Koni Naan (Flat square bread). Then we watched TV - leaders offering respects to Martyrs at the Martyrs Memorial, Gun Park. And then we watched the Main Official Government Function at Parade Grounds, Secunderabad…hoisting of the National Flag, a very impressive parade, very attractive Tableaus of various Government Departments and honoring of a large number of prominent Telangana personalities belonging to various occupations. Then we cut a Cake – a home baked Vanilla Bundt Cake with Vanilla Glaze Frosting, followed by lunch consisting of Mutton Biryani, Mirchi ka Salan, Onion-Cucumber-Tomato Raitha and the regular food items. Then it was time for a nap, followed by watching a very entertaining Hindi Movie on TV – Chupke Chupke. Late in the evening it was time for entertainment once again with a wonderful Cultural Program at People’s Plaza and fireworks at Hussain Sagar. And then dinner as per afternoon menu, followed by dessert of Vanilla Ice cream with Cake.
Enjoyed the day thoroughly, the food and Cake which turned out very well, all the programs, the movie and the family camaraderie as you can see in the photographs below:

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