Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Remembering School Reopening Days.

Today 10th June; is School reopening day, and so it has been for several years, unless it happens to be a Sunday. This has been a trend in Hyderabad even since my School days.
After a long summer vacation of 45 days or more, it is School time once again. It is a day of mixed feelings for children, a little sad that a long and very happy vacation is over, a little nervous as they have to face new teachers, new classrooms and some new classmates, but happy as they are going to a higher class, with new uniforms, new shoes, new school bags, new books and meet old classmates and close friends. But these new worries would only stick around for just a few days and everything would be normal afterwards.
This has been the case with me, my children, my nieces, my nephews and our grandchildren today. In remembrance of several School reopening days as children grew up; here are pictures of Sudheer, Uma Rani, Uday Bhasker, Sridhar, Usha Rani, Srikanth, Srinath and Sudhiksha going to school… mostly on School reopening days:

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