Thursday, June 4, 2015

My opinion on Telangana State MLC ‘Cash-for-Vote’ scandal.

On 31st May 2015 a sensational Cash-for-Vote scandal was exposed in Secunderabad and arrests of some persons made. Within minutes of the crime, very revealing and doubtless audio and video evidence was telecast on local TV Channels. Since that day more and more revealing evidence is being reported in the media about this Cash-for-Vote and now Cash-for-Votes scandal. In my knowledge this is the first time that so much solid evidence is being unearthed and brought into the public domain. Every un-biased and right thinking man will certainly go by this copious evidence and come to conclusions. One certain conclusion would be that this crime took place due to the directions of a big boss the main instigator of this crime.
In many high profile legal cases involving politicians and film stars the cases take decades to solve due to various reasons and then they may be convicted in one court, acquitted in another after few more years and so on. The reasons might be like lack of proper investigation, lack of proper presentation of evidence, lack of placing strong arguments, lack of sufficient proof, witnesses-going-back-and-forth and being unable to prove many lies and excuses that are put forward. These are my feelings as a layman who does not know these legal procedures thoroughly.
But in this particular Cash-for-Vote/Votes scandal, I and all those I know have a strong feeling that the naked-all-clear and strong evidence that is being shown and reported on TV should be sufficient to solve the case at the earliest and punish the main instigator and those who executed this crime. If everyone honours the evidence and sees the truth in it, it is Satyameva Jayate! Otherwise I do not have proper words to express…

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