Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rainfall in summer! Is as enchanting as waterfalls!

Amidst Hyderabad and Telangana’s scorching summer which touched 42 deg. Celsius, rain has suddenly appeared yesterday. Since yesterday morning and whole of today it has been raining intermittently and today’s afternoon temperature has come down to 19 deg. Celsius!
We are enjoying the surprise rains that have brought a great respite from the hot climate that has been bothering us for the last several weeks. The forecast is that this rainy weather would continue for few more days. We are enthralled with this weather, we are as happy as being at a waterfall.
Amidst hot snacks this evening, the thought of waterfalls has made me search for few photographs of us at waterfalls and post here for the amusement of the family and everyone visiting this site. 

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