Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I wish earthquakes become extinct like volcanoes or less intense and harmless.

Less than a week ago on 22nd April, on the occasion of Earth Day I posted an article to my blog in praise of Mother Earth and how it is supporting every life on Earth so magnanimously and how we have to safeguard this environment for our own good and the welfare of future generations. And just three days later on 25th April an earthquake – an inevitable weakness of Mother Earth strikes Nepal causing large scale destruction to life and property. This high magnitude earthquake (7.8) has virtually destroyed Nepal, killing over 4,300 people, injuring over 8,500 and bringing down several buildings and smaller dwellings. For the living, the loss of family members and friends and their dwellings and the aftershocks, torrential rains, avalanches and the landslides are causing heartrending misery. The earthquake brought sorrow to India too, as it has killed 72 people and injured over 100 people.
Most countries of the world especially ours – India is helping Nepal in every possible way round the clock and evacuating thousands of Indians stranded in Nepal. Individuals like us who feel the pain should try and contribute whatever we can through various channels that are opening up to help the suffering people of Nepal.  
I wish and pray that the people of Nepal would bravely overcome their grief and losses and that the kind Nations of the world would continue to help them until they lead normal and content lives.
And as for the earthquakes, I wish they become extinct like the volcanoes and the gigantic deadly beasts like the dinosaurs, or less intense and harmless.

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