Friday, April 10, 2015

General V.K. Singh, Kudos! For your 'presstitute tweet'.

Your tweet on presstitutes has triggered a furore among the presstitute media. Especially among those presstitute species, which in the name of News, News Hours, debates and Breaking News carry-out non-stop barking filled with half truths, confusion, controversies and hatred, and pass on all this nonsense to the people corrupting their minds against everyone and everything. Your tweet has triggered debates and interviews with politicians and most of these perverted participants misunderstood the word presstitute and the interviewers without correcting them took shelter under their misplaced reactions.
Everyone around me knows what sort of print and electronic media we have and to what low levels they can stoop and this must be the case with the majority of people in our country. I have also commented on the partisan and incorrect media several times in my blog during the course of Telangana Agitation. I have expressed my frustration in many ways emphasizing that in the name of freedom of speech the media houses should not abuse journalism, but which media house would take notice of a common man like me. Your worthy tweet as a General, a Minister and a politician I am sure would teach at least a few presstitutes to practice true journalism.
God save our country from dirty print and especially electronic media.

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