Saturday, April 4, 2015

Deeply saddened by the massacre of 148 innocent young persons at Garissa University.

142 students and another 6 persons have been brutally gunned down at Garissa University, Kenya on 2nd April. And as news of this tragedy keeps coming I am appalled and grieved. So many young lives have been mercilessly cut short, their dreams and that of their families have been destroyed, spreading sorrow among the entire civilized world.  
I do not understand why innocent and defenseless students are being targeted to settle scores or terrorize people.  It happened just few months back in Peshawar and now here in Kenya. We all may forget these tragedies but not the families and friends of the victims. It will be a lifelong sorrow for them.
As a helpless individual, I can only offer my sincere sympathies to the families of the victims and pray that wisdom and kindness should prevail among perpetrators of such crimes against humanity and never again should such tragedies occur. 

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