Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The above ‘Love is…’ presentation is compiled by me with lovely music and brought to you with due respect, admiration and thanks to Ms. Kim Casali (nee Grove) the creator of these wonderful messages and pictures you will be seeing in this video. I have begun collecting these heart-warming comic panels (over 500) from my four-year teenage courtship days in 70’s for sharing and during that time I also bought some lovely letter pads with these cartoons for our correspondence. And these lovely cartoon-messages stand out as remarkable exchanges between us even after so long.
These comic panels explore the characteristics of love from all different perspectives, from the beginning of love, marriage, life together, caring for one another, to parenthood, to annoying habits and to loving characteristics. They remind us of our love in past and present and bring smiles to our faces.
In short they are a treasure to us, constantly reminding us about true and everlasting love.
Thanks once again to Ms. Kim Casali for such a wonderful creation. This is all her work, I own nothing, I am ever grateful to her, and I intend no copyright infringement. This is just to present our winsome collection to family and friends and spread the message of love on Valentine’s Day.
Once again, Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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  1. The video looks interesting. Would love to read the comic.


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