Thursday, January 8, 2015

Terrorism wherever, leaves us sad and helpless.

It is just 8 days into the New Year and 17 terrorist incidents have already taken place the world over, the latest being the shocking shootout in Paris yesterday in which 12 persons have been killed.
Terrorism wherever, leaves us sad and helpless. Our heart goes out to the victims of the terror attacks, those who are killed and those maimed and their bereaved families. The suffering is enormous, many suffer from post- trauma and every citizen in the affected areas and in sensitive countries feel that they have lost their freedom and live in fear as it has happened to us after the series of bomb blasts in Hyderabad.  Today I am reminded of these bomb blasts in our city, Hyderabad and the tragedies it has caused. Not long ago on 25th August 2007 there were bomb blasts at Lumbini Amusement Park - Necklace Road and at Gokul Chaat Bhandar – Koti, in which 42 persons were killed and 54 injured. And on 21st February 2013 there were serial bomb blasts at Anand Tiffin Center and at Route No. 107- Bus Stand in Dilsuknagar area, in which 17 persons got killed and 119 injured. These were gruesome mass murders by terrorists, in our city which have left us insecure even today.
The whole world reacts very strongly against such dastardly acts but their verbal criticism, advice and preventive measures are obviously not preventing terrorist activities. I wish the UNO and the civilized countries of the world will unite and find ways to end terrorism at the earliest.

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