Tuesday, January 13, 2015

26th National Road Safety Week.

According to the orders of the Central and State authorities the 26th National Road Safety Week – 2015 has to be observed from 11th January to 17th January 2015. Three days of this Safety Week have passed and I see no traces of any safety and educational drive in our Twin Cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, except for a Walkathon on Necklace Road on 11th January. Nor do I see any improvement in the rash and chaotic behavior of drivers, all the more among Auto rickshaw drivers and the so called well trained drivers of State run buses. Even the helmet rule which has become mandatory for all bike riders from 12th January is not being observed by most riders. The general feeling is that most people of Hyderabad do not take traffic safety rules seriously.  I wish the authorities will enforce the helmet rule very strictly at least this time. And they should also ensure that all traffic safety rules are followed very strictly. Spend few minutes at any traffic junction of our city and you will find violators of rules in hundreds. Many drivers drive in a zigzag manner, park vehicles wherever they please sometimes almost in the middle of the road causing inconvenience to fellow drivers and causing traffic jams.   They act as if they are ignorant of the traffic signals and the safety markings on and along the roads. This arrogance towards road safety should be punished very severely just as in the case of drunken driving which the police have been viewing very seriously and punishing the offenders. This strict vigilance and severe punishment of drunken drivers has transformed, educated and alerted the people of the city.   
Attached are some posters to remind us of Road Safety practices:

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