Saturday, November 8, 2014

Laughter Times Are Good Times! Enshrined In Memory, And By Photography!

Laughter times,
Are good times,
Ever remembered,
Never erased,
Enshrined in memory,
And by photography!

For smiles so Confident!

Use always Pepsodent!!


  1. Raghu-ji, love these pictures - natural, un-staged and filled with sheer happiness! Lalitha garu looks ecstatic - what was the occasion? Was it at a wedding?

    Whenever I visit your blog, I seem to discover something I have not seen before! :-) Hope you are all doing well.


    1. Dear Mohan garu,
      Nice to hear from you. We are all fine and hope the same from you.
      The above photographs are all at my son, Ch. Srikanth's wedding exactly a year ago, on 31st August 2014 - to be very specific during Kashi Yatra ceremony in the morning sometime before the wedding.


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