Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bathukamma Shubakankshalu!-2014.

Bathukamma Shubakankshalu!
I am very glad that Bathukamma Festival celebrations are taking place in a large and great manner, as never before! Today is Saddula Bathukamma, the ninth day and the day of the main festival. And today will witness the grandest celebrations.
With the declaration of Bathukamma Panduga as Telangana State festival, and with large scale arrangements, decorations and financial support from the Government, the festival and the celebrations have become marvelous.
Amidst such celebrations, we got a little more happier because surprisingly in the last few days our Bathukamma Celebration pictures have got into news twice. One Bathukamma picture, with Lalitha and few other ladies and lovely Bathukammalu has been used by TV9 News Channel as an introductory picture at the very beginning of their newscast, that you can see below:

And in the second instance, a picture of our family playing Bathukamma appears in the following video song “Bhangra Bathukamma” by Dr. Vijaya  Kesari, at 44th/45th second: 

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