Saturday, September 20, 2014

We Love Circus!

We love Circus; but then who doesn’t, ladies, gentlemen and most certainly children of all ages love Circus. The excitement and happiness you see in children watching a Circus or recounting about it is a very happy experience. In short; Circus is a guaranteed; family fun and entertainment.
Our granddaughter, Sudhiksha’s Dasara vacation has started today, and we provided a highly entertaining start to her vacation by going to the Circus in our city – Jamuna Circus. Jamuna Circus is the oldest Circus of our country performing since 1901! The amusing and daring physical feats of men and women in attractive costumes and the feats of tamed animals and the acts of clowns were very entertaining.  I must point out here that many interesting acts of animals that we saw for years in the past were missing due to new regulations.
However we are glad as our granddaughter had all praise for the show and we returned home happily sometime back.
The Circus is a short break from Television shows and it certainly and will always remain a memorable experience.
The above photos are of us at the Circus and the brief video on Jamuna Circus towards the end of this article is by “Siasat”, Urdu Newspaper of Hyderabad. 


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