Monday, September 29, 2014

Navarathri Concert – 2104, by my granddaughter Sudhiksha.

The attached video and photographs are of  my granddaughter Sudhiksha  rendering five Keerthanas and one Mangala Harathi along with her friends at Navarathri Concert – 2014, Ramalayam Temple, Jawahar Nagar, Secunderabad, on 26th September 2014.
Children love music and to sing, we must definitely encourage this interest. Teaching Classical Music to children is very important. It plays a very big role in the development of a child. The guidelines and decorum of Classical Music discipline children and make them practice and strive for excellence. And learning Music also improves various skills like thinking, language, motor coordination and understanding emotions.
All said and done, they entertain us and the world, spread joy all around and win everyone’s admiration for themselves, their teachers and their parents’.

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