Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bathukamma Festivities-2014 to be celebrated on a very grand scale!

Bathukamma Panduga! – A unique and popular festival of Telangana region, celebrated with great enthusiasm, devotion and gaiety by its people – Hindu women and girls, here and all over the world; is just a few days ahead. The nine days festivities will start on 24th September 2014 and go on up to 2nd October 2014. The main festival called Bathukamma Panduga or Saddhula Bathukamma will be celebrated very grandly on 2nd October 2014.
This being the first Bathukamma festival in the newly formed Telangana State, it has been officially announced that it will be a State festival and will be celebrated on a very grand scale in all districts of the State with huge financial and infrastructure support from the Government, and such support will continue forever. You may see the below newspaper clipping for more details of this year’s festivities.
Here are links to my earlier SIX COLOURFUL BLOG-POSTS on Bathukamma festival and a YouTube video which you may see by clicking on the following links:

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