Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My 800th Blog Post! – Is About My First Camera!

This is my 800th blog post! I have decided to celebrate my 800th blog post by paying tribute to our family’s 67 year old Camera. Almost all my blog posts are with a number of photographs. All my readers know that my blog is filled with photographs, numbering to over 6000 till date. This interest in photographs started in my childhood with this Camera that my father bought in 1947, years before my birth. It is a Kodak Brownie Six-20, Model-E Camera, pictures of this you can see at the top and bottom of this article. I learnt to frame and click pictures with this Camera. This has been my childhood friend and companion through teenage. There are many memorable photographs of us as children taken with this Camera and later after I started using it there are many more that stand out.
This Camera is still functional, though it is several years since we have stopped using it, because with new technology a variety of new Cameras and Video Cameras have taken its place in our house and now my sons own state of the art DSLRs. However we have preserved this antique Camera in a showcase, out of respect for the wonderful memories it has created.
My father bought the Kodak Brownie Camera as a hobbyist. Much before I was born, he learnt and used to develop negatives and print photographs at home. But by the time I was introduced to the Camera, he had stopped this activity, but I could see at home all the equipment required for film developing and photo printing like developing chemicals, small and large trays, containers, orange and red electric bulbs, enlarger, photo printing papers and other equipment. This is a rugged Camera with heavy-duty sheet metal body, with two brilliant view-finders for portrait and landscape pictures, close-up lens and a yellow filter, flash contacts for flash pictures, tripod sockets for horizontal and vertical use and a shutter safety catch that helps eliminate double exposures.
The Brownie Six-20, Model-E Camera was first manufactured in the United Kingdom in 1947 by Eastman Kodak Company and sold in thousands around the world until it was discontinued in 1957. However the Photo Roll Film - Kodak 620 (9 exposures of approx. 6 X 9 Cm) was available until 1990, though we stopped using this Camera by 1975. The Six-20 Brownie Model E Camera; is even today being widely mentioned on internet as a truly high quality workhorse and so are all the different models of Brownie Cameras manufactured since 1900 to 1967. All of them a big hit and sold in millions around the world.
If further interested in this Camera which has taught me to love photography, you may click on the exhaustive video towards the end of this post and the link below it which will take you to the Camera’s User Manual.
An exhaustive video on the Camera:
A link to the User Manual:

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