Sunday, July 6, 2014

“Home” Means More Than One City Or Country For Our Children.

“Home” means more than one City or Country for our children. My two sons are on jobs away from home, the eldest in Bangalore since two years and the youngest in Birmingham, U.K., since six years. And one of my nephews from our joint family; is away from us since nineteen years - in three different cities of India for higher education and a job, and then for six years in a job in Saudi Arabia. And now as I am writing this article he is on a transcontinental flight migrating from Saudi Arabia to New Zealand.
Though we wish children to remain with us and they also would like to stay with us, modern circumstances do not facilitate this arrangement. Better education and better job prospects which are very important for children make them travel away from home and settle in different Cities and Countries.
I consider myself lucky as I am living in my native city, where I was brought up, along with my brother’s family. And my sister and her family are just six kilometers away from our house. So is the case with my wife, all her siblings are in our city and close by. Times have changed now. Good job opportunities are not always available in hometowns. So for children moving away from home and family, however sad it might be, has become a necessity.
Children have adapted themselves to enjoy the best of both homes. They communicate with us on daily basis by every possible modern means and keep visiting us as often as possible and that keeps us happy. All of us believe that family is important and that we should stick through thick and thin. We mutually pray every day for one another’s welfare, happiness and prosperity. And on this day I wish to convey my blessings and best wishes to my nephew who has embarked on a new journey to a new home. GOD bless him.

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