Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Campaign to Clampdown Rogue Auto Rickshaw Drivers of Hyderabad.

The menace of Auto Rickshaws is worsening by the day in Hyderabad. Traveling by an Auto Rickshaw in our city is a very irritating experience. When you waive for an Auto most would just ignore you, and those who stop by would move away as your destination is not to their liking. After experiencing many such disappointments if finally one agrees to take you to your destination, it will not be as per the Digital Meter. It would be at the Auto driver’s fanciful exorbitant price or an extra amount on the Meter reading. You may sometimes be lucky to get a discount on this illegal demand. And apart from this there is the problem of many Digital Meters being tampered to record higher fares. This can be noticed by people who travel regularly by Autos on same routes, paying each time a different amount.  And if you are new to the City or your place of visit, and the driver becomes aware of this fact he can also cheat you by demanding much more or take you for a real ride! along a roundabout route. This is the case with over 95 percent of the Auto Rickshaws in Hyderabad. Ask anyone in Hyderabad and they would agree to these facts of misbehavior and fraudulent practices by Auto Rickshaw drivers.
Since ages I have been hearing of the Government, the Police and other enforcement authorities of declaring stern action to stop this menace, but it is only on the rise. No doubt actions are being taken on few but that is not acting as a deterrent. And when it comes to public to complain, how many would dare to challenge these brutes or report against them. Complaints by public will be forthcoming only if a procedure is laid down where they are not exposed to these Auto thugs or the nasty media, and this procedure should be canvassed widely.
Now that we have a new State; and a new Government which is working towards developing Hyderabad and Telangana to great heights it would serve well to find means and methods to curb the Auto Rickshaw menace once for all and immediately. This would make commuters happy and prevent visitors to our City from complaining against us.

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