Sunday, January 5, 2014

About centuries old Laad Bazaar of Hyderabad!

WOW! The merchandise and glitter!
Of Hyderabad’s Laad Bazaar,
A splendid bargain Paradise!
Beckons women; from time to time!
- N. Raghu.
Laad Bazaar of Hyderabad, is a very popular and centuries old market! A grand shopping centre for women! It is located just adjacent to Charminar along a kilometre long road and in its bye-lanes. “Laad” in Urdu means lacquer and the market got its name as Laad Bazaar because from ancient times attractive bangles and other art and gift articles made of lacquer and embedded with bits of colour glass, pearls, semi precious gems and stones were sold here.

Lacquer bangles are still sold here but the market is now mostly flooded with a variety of jewellery - precious, semi precious, imitation and fashion jewellery. There are countless shops selling such jewellery - bangles, bracelets, ear-rings, chains and necklaces and silverware, gold embroidered sarees and fabrics, silk sarees, wedding dresses, all types of dresses for tiny tots to grown-ups, attractive hand bags and slippers, perfumes, cosmetics and accessories like hair bands, clips, mehendi, henna and the list in short is all that women fancy! 

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