Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A solution to prevent crime against women.

Another atrocity on a woman two days back and this time in Hyderabad. The police have acted swiftly and caught the perpetrators of this beastly act. I hope the culprits will be punished swiftly, and the punishment should be death. It is so sad to hear about such instances. And unfortunately nowadays this has become a commonly recurring tragedy in our country.
One way I see to prevent such crime is by constantly educating the people to respect women and to be law abiding, through the most popular media in our country, the movies. We all know that all Indians throughout the length and breadth of the country are great fans of movies and movie stars. I strongly recommend that from now onwards, in every forthcoming movie; let teasing, degrading, violence and insulting of women be stopped. And as a part of movie stories and through striking ads during the course of the movies; in theatres and on TV, let the beasts among the audience be educated to treat women with respect and warn them against crimes and of severe punishment that is death.

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