Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A befitting reply by wise women, to an unrestricted farce agitation.

These women in the topmost photograph are violently asking the policeman to stop the ongoing stage managed agitation by politicians and vested interests like Government employees and misguided-issue ignorant public, and the helpless policeman is taking the beating.
And here in Telangana for decades (57 decades, not days) the non-Mulki rulers and politicians and police have misruled us, broken all assurances and agreements and tried to suppress our rightful demand for demerger of Telangana from AP State and formation of our own State, by every possible means…arrests, torture, tear gas, water cannons, baton charges and bullets.
The policemen have to go by the instructions of the bosses, so they behave differently in different areas. And the bosses are openly biased against us (see the above media statement by the recently retired DGP Mr. Dinesh Reddy on the misrule of the AP Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy). It is because of such biased considerations and our ill-treatment in every field and aspect in our own land we are fighting for separate statehood. The diabolic politicians from other area who take pleasure in misruling us make tall promises of giving us separate statehood, promise to go by the decision of their ‘high command’ on every occasion; election after election, win elections, come to power and misrule us and every time there is a move in the right direction for granting separate Statehood they shamelessly turn into villains, worst kind of villains and cause heartburn to us. They and you just have to listen to the speeches and promises they made to us in the past in favour of us and their hidden villainy, crookedness, greediness, dishonesty and filthy character will come to the fore.
Hope this time their evil intentions will not succeed.

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