Sunday, September 8, 2013

Srikanth's Birthday Party - 2013.

Today is my son, Ch. Srikanth’s birthday. He was able to come home from Bangalore for his birthday as it is weekend vacation. And tomorrow that is Monday also he is with as it is Vinayaka Chavithi Festival and a holiday for him.

Today, the whole day he has been busy with friends. He had his breakfast and lunch with them and returned home just in time for the celebration at home. He cut a beautiful and delicious cake which we all relished. This was followed by a Fondue Party – as an appetizer we ate leisurely bread and vegetables in Feta Cheese Fondue and tasty and spicy meat and seafood in oil broth with a variety of dippings.  Then after chit chatting for a while we had a sumptuous Chinese dinner. We once again had the birthday cake for dessert. The attached photographs are of today’s party.

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