Saturday, September 14, 2013

In remembrance of our Kennel.

A recent facebook post by a young friend of ours brought back memories of our yesteryear Kennel, a long list of companions - Tiger a Retriever, Danny a Cocker Spaniel, Jimmy an Alsatian, Reita an Alsatian, Munna a Pomeranian, Julie an Alsatian, Munna a Retriever and lastly Spotty a Pomeranian which you can see in the above pictures, a loving companion of thirteen and half years.  Life and association with these pets since my birth, at different times of my life is an unforgettable saga, virtually impossible to recount in few lines or pages. I am simply mentioning the names of all these pets and dedicating this blog post to the memory of these unforgettable great companions.


  1. I can share your nostalgia. And what a lovely walk down the memory lane this was.


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