Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hope “NFSB” will not go the way of “Garibi Hatao”.

“Garibi Hatao” – Abolish Poverty slogan and program of Indira Gandhi launched in 1971 and subsequently canvassed and followed by her son Rajiv Gandhi was a big success, it brought them electoral victories! But most surely and certainly it has neither helped the poor nor the poorest of poor, their population and miseries simply went up!
Now we seem to have realised that it is impossible to eradicate poverty in India. So we are talking of NFSB – National Food Security Bill that will ensure that the poor of India – 67 percent of our population will get all essential items for their families, at 90 percent subsidised rates! They will hopefully live comfortably on this life support scheme and be loyal to the introducers of this program and help them win election after election. Long live NFSB!
Very soon, hopefully within a month after the implementation of NFSB we will not see any more beggars on our streets and at places of worship and no more suicides due to hunger. It is a wonderful scheme! What if it devours the revenues of the Government and stalls the extraordinary development of our great country. It is a scheme to keep poor people happy and is a sure Mantra for the INC Party’s electoral victories in 2014.
However, subsequent to the 2014 elections or a little later, God forbid; if this scheme fails 67 percent of our population, perhaps more by then, WILL BECOME ORPHANS! May the over smart rulers of our country find better solutions at the earliest to let the people of our country lead dignified lives and not dependent lives.

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