Friday, May 17, 2013

Cheating, Cheating! ..... Everywhere!!

Yesterday, three cricketers and some bookies are arrested on charges of cheating and gambling in the ongoing IPL cricket matches. More bad news is expected as the ongoing investigation makes progress.
The original Cricket, a gentleman’s game has been mercilessly tampered and altered to convert it into different Limited Over versions - vulgar, noisy, commercial tamasha, with the sole aim of milking money from cricket crazy crowds and fill the coffers and pockets of the organizers and players. A decent game played between clubs, provinces and countries in white flannels is now played in Technicolor dresses befitting jokers in circuses, between unethically fabricated teams with frilly names. It has also become a source of big time auctions, player swapping, gambling and players getting involved in match fixing, spot fixing and what not for shameless earnings.
Education is not available for many in India. Water and electricity is not available round the clock, and at some places it is not at all available. But dishonesty, corruption, violence, misrule, hunger, poverty and  many more aspects of which we and our rulers should be ashamed of; can be found all over India round the clock. And talk of anything new, all these bad attributes will enter it from all angles and bring disglory to it.
When a great game like Cricket is not spared by these evil forces, I don’t think absolute good will ever prevail around us.

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