Friday, April 19, 2013


Happy Sri Rama Navami.
Please listen to this wonderful song “Pibare Rama Rasam” on this festival day, by clicking on any of the two above video links. The song is from the award winning movie” Padamati Sandhya Ragam” (Filmfare Best Film Award 1987 and Nandi Award for Best Story 1987). The song is written by Sri. Sadashiva Brahmendra Yogi and is the favourite of many classical singers. And in this movie it is rendered by Sri S.P. Balasubramanyam and his sister Smt. S.P. Sailaja.
The English translation of the song is as follows:
“Drink the nectar of Rama, Oh! Connoisseur, drink the nectar of Rama. It implies absorb the essence (rasam) of the name of Rama.
1.     It will help you to keep away from sins and sinners.
And you will be benefitted with many rewards and gains.
2.     It will help you to overcome fear and grief from the cycle of birth and death. And will gift you with the essence of all religious treatises, the Vedas and the Sciences.
3.     Rama Nama will protect all creation. It will protect the Universe.
And it will purify you and everything else.
4.   The recitation of Rama Nama is pure song and music, relished by Sages in their Ashrams.
And by great Sages like Shuka, Shaunaka and Kaushika.
The actors in the above video are:
Gummuluri Sastry as Adinarayana
Vijayashanthi as Sandhya
And Thomas Jane as Chris. 

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