Monday, April 8, 2013

Caring for a nestling that fell off its nest.

The above pictures are of me; caring for a nestling (Red-vented Bulbul) that fell out of its nest at our house. Unable to put it back in the nest and to save it from stray cats that frequent our house I am taking care of it. I shall let it fly away at a safe place once I am sure it is big and strong enough to take care of itself.
The above pictures and the video below them are to show you that it is a wonderful experience to take care of needy birds and animals. You will find lot of satisfaction and happiness in saving a life. 

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  1. really nice...close to 9 months back we came across a small creature lying on a footpath-this was infact noticed by another stranger on the road,who picked it from the road and placed in on a footpath..noticing it we took the tiny little green barbet -thanks to my friend suresh who can name a bird by hearing its call helped us with the name /breed .this was sometime in during noon..we placed the barbet on a platform to prevent any other creature from finding it ...towards late evening we again happened to be in that area and for some unknown reason happened to get into the same bylane and found the barbet still lying in the same place....then my roommates brought it home...for the next 48 hours ..our time was spent only with this small little green barbet of my roommate santosh tried feeding it in various forms and finally succeeded...the next morning it was all over the house now had the ability to fly and to go back to the place it actually needs to belong and not confined to anything you have mentioned it certainly gives a lot of satisfaction and happiness in leaving these creatures to where they belong to ....

    few videos and pics captures were posted on FB some time back....


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