Thursday, March 7, 2013

My 600th blog post! A tribute to our Swissa Piccola!

First of all I wish to express my appreciation and thanks to Swissa Piccola! Swissa Piccola is a portable typewriter which has been with us for over 63 years! It is the one on which I learnt typing when I was in high school. Learning to type has helped me throughout my life. My blogspot: - Raghu’s column! and these 600 blog posts would not have been possible if I was not good at touch typing with a good speed.
My father purchased this typewriter much before my birth; little knowing that it was destined to be a great present to me! As I grew up I saw my father use it just on few occasions. And when I was in high school a friend of mine, Anil Kumar Singh joined a typewriting institute and as he learnt typing at the institute, he taught me to type at our house on our Swissa Piccola, using my father’s typewriting guide, which had wonderful exercises to master touch typing. This was during 1968-1970, and since then till 1996 until I bought a desktop computer with a printer, I have extensively used this manual typewriter. After many years I took out this typewriter today for the sake of this well deserved and long overdue tribute, and I find it still in excellent working condition! Thanks also to the Swiss designers and manufacturers of such a wonderful product.
This was a very popular portable typewriter model from Switzerland and in great demand all over the world for decades. It has a very attractive font as you can see in the topmost picture. It is light in weight and with its attractive hard top cover having a robust handle it appears like a brief case and can be carried anywhere easily. I understand that thousands of these units were sold every year and their production continued till 1990.
I have attached photographs of this typewriter for you to see and admire. One photograph is a remarkable one, as our granddaughter, Ch. Sudhiksha, is a fourth generation family member to be seen with this marvelous typewriter.
This typewriter certainly has a very high antique value, but for me it is a priceless possession.


  1. Belated congratulations on your 600th post -- quite an accomplishment! And your Piccola is marvelous, both its Swiss design and its family history. I recently purchased one identical to yours, and it should be shipping to me shortly. I am delighted to learn that, at least for you, it has been such a reliable and beloved machine.

  2. 63 years wow... Congrats on your 600th post :)


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