Saturday, March 30, 2013

It Is Two Baby Girls! And One Baby Boy! In 101 Days!

We are all in a very happy state of mind with the birth of three babies in our family in the past few months, to be precise within 101 days!  
Ch. Anisha is born on 17th December 2012, Ch. Vihaan is born on 19th February 2013 and Ch. Aadhya is born on 28th March 2013. Ch. Anisha and Ch. Vihaan are children of my nephews and Ch. Aadhya is the daughter of a niece. The young mothers and the babies are doing well.
On 26th August 2012, I announced in this column: “GOOD NEWS! Three new babies! Are on their way to join our family! Between December 2012 and March 2013!” And now that they have arrived we are relived of all related concerns and extremely happy.
In this overall context, you may find my article of 26th August interesting; you may read it by clicking on the following link: GOOD NEWS! Three New Babies! Are On Their Way To Join Our Family!

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