Monday, March 25, 2013

A new baby in the family! Is so wonderful and joyous!

Being with; or holding any baby is a very happy experience.
And when that baby happens to be a new arrival into the family, the happiness it generates is unimaginable. The news of the baby’s arrival makes all family members, friends, relatives and acquaintances happy wherever they may be in the world.
My nephew and niece-in-law, Uday and Hina are blessed with a son on 19th February 2013, at Lucknow. The happy news of the arrival of the new family member spread very fast and made everyone immensely happy and greetings were exchanged. We and everybody wanted to see the baby but being far off we had to satisfy ourselves with the baby’s first and subsequent day photographs and videos. Uday came from Al-Dammam, Saudi Arabia on 21st February to see his son. My nephew, Dr. Sudheer who is in Hyderabad, reached Lucknow on 22nd February to see the baby.
However it took us a little longer - 24 days, to see and be with the baby. After a long wait, Uday’s mother; that is my sister-in-law, I and my wife went to Lucknow and were very happy to see the baby on 14th March. We spent some memorable time with the baby for three days that is from 14th March to 16th March. We planned our visit in such a way that we can be there on the auspicious occasion of the 25th day of the baby; that is 15th March, when as per tradition and love we gave our blessings and some gifts to the baby and the young mother.
The baby is named as Vihaan Bhasker. The meaning of the name is similar to that of his father and great-grandfather. In Sanskrit, Vihaan means Dawn and Bhasker means Sun, so Vihaan Bhasker means Rising Sun or Morning Sun.  His father, Uday Bhasker’s name also means Rising Sun or Morning Sun because the meaning of Uday is morning and also rising.  And as I said; Vihaan’s great-grandfather, that is my father was also named after the Sun, as Bhaskarachary, meaning as radiant as the Sun.
We are expecting Hina and Vihaan to visit us for at least a month in June-July, before they proceed to Al-Dammam. Not just we, but many of our relatives in Hyderabad are anxious to meet Vihaan!
Based on photographs I have received of Vihaan from the day he was born and of him with us, I have made a video and attached to this article for all of you to see.  

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