Saturday, November 10, 2012

HAVE A NICE DAY! 10-11-12!!

Have A Nice Day! 10-11-12!! A very interesting date and I hope it is going to be a very good one for all of us!
We come across many such interesting dates. The recent most interesting date, not just the date but an event combining the clock occurred during my son, Ch. Srikanth’s Birthday, on 08.09.10. It occurred as the scientific clocks showed 12.34pm, 56.7 seconds and the date 8.9.10.  
This phenomenon, known as a Sequential Day, is very rare. In the last several decades it just occurred twice. Other than the one I mentioned above; in the year 2010, it earlier occurred at 12.34pm and 56.7 seconds, on 6.7.89. And the next will take place at 01.23am, on 4.5.67!

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