Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thank You GODS for A Good Rainy Season!

With heavy rains in the last few days; all rivers, streams, lakes and tanks in AP State are in spate. All reservoirs except Nagarjuna Sagar have almost reached their “Full Reservoir Levels”, as you can see in the above chart. With more rains to come in September, the State is assured of plenty of water for irrigation and power generation for a very large part of this year. Especially the power position which has been deteriorating since January and has led to lot of inconvenience to households, offices, agriculturists and industries with several hours of scheduled and unscheduled power cuts should soon end.
The heavy rains also caused chaos for a few hours at some places and for a couple of days in few other areas.  At a number of places road and rail traffic got paralysed and hundreds of villages got cut off from towns. Some crops were destroyed and several low lying areas got inundated causing inconvenience and losses to farmers and residents. But ultimately the majority of the people are happy as there would be no water and power shortage this year!?
Here is a thanksgiving verse by my wife from her facebook status along with the photographs she posted of the Madhavi Lata Creeper which has covered the entire facade of our house and spread on to the terrace and is now in blossom, literally with thousands of flowers:

Thousands of bright and fragrant flowers,
Blossom on our terrace to thank heavens,
For blessing earth and us with ample Water,
To end scarcity of Water and Hydel Power!

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