Friday, September 28, 2012

Memorable Pictures with Rhythmic Posts on Facebook! By Lalitha Raghu – Part VI

A niece so tiny;
And lovely!
An uncle so tall;
Sure to enthral!
At an outing,
With sky for canvas,
And grass for mattress!

 Three lovely babies in our hands;
And three more to appear!
By end of March next year!
To fill our hearts,
With great pleasure!
Thank you Gods, 
Thank you Storks!

Sitting in front of a hut,
Is a very happy face.
In a shack, a hut or palace,
What is important,
Is to be content,
Happy and at peace.

Sudhiksha; my gift wrapping partner,
Turned into a great competitor!
Here is Sudhiksha with a gift,
She wrapped to everyone’s delight!

B & W!
Of our habitat,
And...but who is it!?

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