Sunday, September 30, 2012

May Today’s “TELANGANA MARCH” Be A Great Success.

“People who are in high and responsible positions, if they go against righteousness, righteousness itself will get transformed into a destroyer”.
–Dr. Abdul Kalam.
VERY TRUE. May all strategies of the villains to foil our freedom struggle fail.
May today’s TELANGANA MARCH be a great success.
Our history tells us of many evil rulers, demons, rakshasas and persons whose strategies to foil righteous struggles have failed ignominiously. Today, to foil the TELANGANA MARCH several attempts are made in the form of arrests, barricades, restrictions, confusing double-talk, cancellation of trains and cancellation of buses to prevent people from participating in TELANGANA MARCH.  
We hear of many ancient and interesting strategies to foil righteous demands in  battles:
Padma Vyuham - An army formation in the form of a lotus with strategic placement of the cavalry, foot soldiers, swordsmen, charioteers, elephants, etc., in an attempt to deliver maximum damage to the opposing force as well as protecting the principal participants from the enemy. The lotus formation facilitated and worked on the pattern of opening of petals thereby surrounding more of the enemy and then closing of the petals thereby trapping them and rendering them ineffective.
Suchikamukha Vyuham – Army formation shaped like a needle tip.
Baana Vyuham – Army formation like an arrow.
Makara Vyuham – Army formation like a crocodile with powerful jaws and flexible tail to deliver blows.
Garuda Vyuham – Army formation in the form of a hawk.
Ghata Vyuham – Army formation in the form of a pot.
Vyuham means strategy, and all these strategies of evil rulers have failed against the righteous. And similarly the strategies of SA-Papisti Palakulu and Telangana Dhrohulu will eventually fail.

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