Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Telangana Liberation Day!

It is on this day, 17th September 1948 that Hyderabad State was liberated from Nizam Rule by the Indian Army and got annexed to The Indian Union. It came out of the frying pan in 1948 but very soon the Telangana region of Hyderabad State fell into fire in 1956 as it was annexed with adjoining province of mischievous, greedy and ever plundering politicians. This unfortunately was against the will of the first States Reorganisation Commission (First SRC) and the people of Telangana. I have written on this unfortunate fate of Telangana on several occasions in my blog, so I do not want to list out and elaborate on our misfortunes and agony. I only wish that politicians from the other region, our region and the centre who have and continue to misrule us, and have been promising us a separate State during every election and then betraying us and plundering us until next elections will cease to do so. Dejected and frustrated with the politicians and the State and Central Governments who have not kept up their word on formation of Telangana State, there is a perennial agitation going on causing ever growing differences and hatred between the people of the two regions. Over seven hundred disillusioned, disheartened persons have committed suicide and violence has begun taking place like destruction of Statues of persons known for harming the interests of Telangana. The above clipping is of my status post on facebook this morning as some unknown persons destroyed the Statue of an anti-Telangana-people leader, remembered for causing the death of over 370 freedom fighters of Telangana. The verse in the clipping is as follows:  

The Statue of the Villain,
A shameful blot on our land,
One responsible for destruction;
Of our opportunities, life and land,
And hundreds of deaths;
Is torn down today,
By unknown justice seekers.
What better way!
To celebrate our Liberation Day!
And strengthen our struggle;
For Freedom and Self-rule.


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